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HaRav Menachem Gettinger's, ZT"L Sefer Menach Yoma availabe now exclusively from Ezras Torah!

Ezras Torah is a non-profit
501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt
charitable organization.

Distribution Report

Updated 3 Iyar 5776 (June 9, 2016)

Ezras Torah Endowment Funds

Ezras Torah presently has 1,282 donors who have established personalized endowment funds or loan funds with us. The income of the personalized endowment funds is dedicated to the support of Ezras Torah's programs for Emergency Medical Needs, Interest Free Loans, and Hachnosas Choson V'Kallah. Named individual endowments can be started with a pledge of $1,000 or more. These named endowments are usually made in honor of oneself or another individual, special anniversary events or in memory of a departed loved one.

Wills and Legacies

Over the past several years Ezras Torah has become the beneficiary of over $4,231,474 from wills and legacies. The funds realized from these bequests were allocated to Ezras Torah's general distributions and Ezras Torah's Endowment Fund according to the expressed desire of the benefactor. It is known that making a charitable bequest in a will brings special merit for a long life.


Ezras Torah's financial aid reaches out to over 6,800 families per year. Ezras Torah's Hachnosas Choson V'Kallah Fund distributed $34,300 assisting 232 couples this year many of whom were orphans. The medical assistance program distributed $173,863 helping 1,486 families meet urgent medical expenses. Interest Free Loans were extended to 568 families totaling $1,170,302. Special Yom Tov funds were granted to 4,377 Kolel families, widows and orphans before Pesach and the High Holiday Season totaling $386,796. The total grant distribution made in the calendar year 2015 was $742,924. Ninety percent was sent to bring relief to the poor in Eretz Yisroel while ten percent brought relief to the poor in the U.S. The poor and needy are constantly turning to us. PLEASE HELP!